Presentation during ptc 2013

Interested speakers are invited to submit an abstract (max. 300 words) describing the main ideas of their paper together with the presenter’s CV (max. 200 words). Abstracts should not focus on company presentation but on technical/managerial classifications, R&D, new technologies or recent case studies. Joint presentations between operators and technology providers are welcome. Speakers from the private industry are requested to register as normal delegate. All other confirmed speakers attend free-of-charge. Each speaker gets a presentation time of 20 minutes. The presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and distributed to the conference attendees. All abstracts and papers will also be published in the online abstract/paper database.

Conference language: English (with Arabic translation)


Deadline for abstract submission: 30 June 2017

Final conference paper due: 10 August 2017

    Conference Topics

    Onshore and Offshore Transportation of Oil, Gas, Products and Water


    Urban Solutions for Supply and Disposal of Water, Waste Water, Gas, District Heating and Cooling




    Planning and Construction

    Planning and Design • Route Analysis and Selection • GIS • GPS • Onshore and Offshore Construction • Construction Machinery • Valves and Fittings • Line Pipe and Sewer Materials • Welding and Joining • Hydrostatic Testing • Trenchless Technologies • Utility Tunneling • Logistics • Pipe Tracking • Cathodic Protection • Corrosion Control • Coating • Compressor Stations • Pump Stations


    Operation and Maintenance

    Asset Management • Risk Management • Integrity Management • SCADA Systems • Automation • Monitoring • Control and Dispatching • Cleaning • Inline Inspection • Unpiggable Pipelines • Direct Assessment • Water Losses • Unaccounted for Water • Odorization • Leak Detection • Remote Sensing • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) • Fiber Optic Sensing • Instrumentation • Simulation • Drag Reducing Agents • Rehabilitation of Aging Pipelines • Repair Works • Hot Tapping • Life Cycle Extension Strategies • Third Party Impact • Management Systems


    Special Issues

    Safety • Security • Training and Competency • Energy Recovery • Cyber Security • Big Data • LNG versus Pipeline • Standards and Regulations • Environmental Risks • Groundwater Impact • Public Perception • Stakeholder Engagement • Strain Based Design • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) • Carbon Dioxide Transport (CCS) • Feeder Pipelines (Upstream) • Climate Challenges (cold, hot, humid) • Geohazards / Natural Disasters • Smart Grids / Smart Metering • Rotating Equipment • Power to Gas • Feed-in of Biogas • Unbundling • Product Pipelines • Water Pipelines • Slurry Pipelines

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